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My Partner Went Excited Through These Emojis

Emojis are expressions, which we use during chatting. Some are meant for communication like the devil one. Most of the people send emojis to indicate that “I am busy this weekend, Will catch you later”. Surely, sometimes your partner may send you bizarre emojis.  Did your figure out, why he/she is sending such emojis.  Those emojis might carry some excited innuendo



The emoji of tongue indicates that “he wants to kiss you on your cheek”. Oral love is the sexual innuendo of a tongue, which can force you to enjoy blissfully.



If he is sending you the “EggPlant”. Surely, he is giving a clear sign of dildo or pen#s. It is the sensuous part of the orgasm level.

3.finger (1)


There is a series of ideograms which indicates sexual innuendos. Well, a middle finger implies that he is in horny mood and wants to try positions.



Making the body love, a fluid is a discharge from the genitals. Texting the emoji of body fluid depicts his amorous feelings.



Perhaps, he is aroused and preferred to send an emoji pun. You don’t need to wait for the weekend. Enjoy the bliss!



Hens meat consist aromatic flavors and taste. Probably, receiving the emoji of cock. Your partner can make you feel seduced.


During winters, there is a need of warmth in the body. A volcano in the body needs a fire. The burning flame is a metaphor of body orgasm.



The astrological symbol of cancer symbolizes the position “69”. Indeed, numerical digits cannot express animal passion existing in the body.

Well, I don’t know emojis can mean so much.  Try some more emoji of orange or banana. Telling you, these emojis can make your partner erotic.  Seize the moment of magic with your partner. Love is beyond horizons of the world.


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