Have you thought of ‘WHY’ on Independence Day?

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Our Prime Minister “Narendra Modi” will raisethe flag on 71st Independence Day on Red Fort. The ‘Independence Day’ for which our freedom fighters Mahatma Gandhi, and Subhash Chandra Bose fought. Definitely, you are able to breathe in the air of freedom because of our leaders. Perhaps, Wondering? And paying tribute to leaders for their struggles. Therefore, you can do but surely you won’t know facts about Indian Independence Day. Acknowledged with [...]

8 Incredible Tales of Sufferings of a Soldier

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A Soldier is a hero for the whole country. Fighting in bloodshed with valor and bravery, they dedicate their whole life for one nation. Probably, it seems easy that anyone can go and join army. Anyone can be an engineer or doctor, definitely not a Soldier. Away from parents and family, our paramilitary forces guard the international boundaries. […]

Neither a Hindu nor Muslim was killed, Pilgrims were killed in Amarnath Yatra

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Every year around 2 lakh pilgrims travel to Amarnath in South Kashmir. Amaranth is the place where Lord Shiva entails the story of eternity to Parvati. Located at an elevation of 13,500 the journey started in the Hindu month of Shravan. Perhaps, being the sacred journey of India, terrorist attacks on the pilgrimage. With ever-ending conflicts of India-Pakistan; terrorists have taken the undue advantage of it. It is such a painstaking thought, What compel terrorists to indulge [...]

Got Struck? Its All About The Shocking Facts of Hospital

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Hospitals are one of those places where you wish to put your trust entirely. You often visit hospitals when you find yourself in unwanted or vulnerable conditions. No one likes to visit the hospital just like that! Lol! It is not a place to spent vacations after all. While, when you feel vulnerable you need some compassionate hands to look after you. They will know exactly what to do to [...]

7 Pilgrimage Sites to Rejoice Inner-Self

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Pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place. Around the globe, there are many places of pilgrimage like Machu Picchu, the City of Bethlehem or the Ganges River, pilgrimage sites to rejoice inner self. However, going on a pilgrimage journey nourishes the soul and mind of a traveler. Getting in touch with the omnipotence power enrich your inner side. Perhaps, you get in contact with yourself, away from your anxiety and [...]

GST – Goods And Services Tax – Uniting Nation and Market

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The Goods and Sales Tax is a significant introduced by government after demonetisation. Formed with the notion of “One nation, one market, one tax”, GST rates will varies from 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. To make the economy developing, it will be levied on each stage of production – furthermore in the supply of product as well. Being a biggest tax transformer, GST has changed the taxation policy. Taxes such [...]