14 Post Breakup Gifts for Ex-Girlfriend

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Breakups are not always wishful. Sometimes they just reluctantly happen. It can be either the situation or a sheer misunderstanding that might end up in separation of the love birds. Those nostalgic moments might always be a part of your life. You can make the last attempt of getting her back by giving a heart touching Post Breakup Gifts. The gift would either compel her to come back or leave [...]

Breakup Depression Never Ended the Love of Relationship

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Watching stars and moonlight, I was reconciling my relationship days. The last message “I can’t go together with you. Bitch please mind your ego”, left me and my boyfriend shattered. Did a relationship of 4 years can be end over a single text? Absolutely no, I know he will be back in a month. Probably, in beginning I hate him, then blocking him make me feel pride. Breakup depression symptoms [...]

Untold Secrets to Date your Dream Gentleman

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Dating a gentleman is the fantasy of each girl. A richest man, who will be riding in Mercedes Benz, and living in London. Whoa! “I am waiting on seashore for my Brad Pitt”. But, to get into relationship with the artist gentleman is a tough task. Furthermore, girls you don’t need to visit salon or change your wardrobe. However, girls often want to form relationship with cool men as opposed [...]

8 best ways to cope When your Father is away

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Father’s Day is knocking our doors; thus it’s the time to celebrate such a splendid day! A father is a “King” to his daughter and a “Warrior” to his son. “We need our mother the most, but a father lays equal importance in a child’s life.”  My dad is my superhero, indeed! This is a week to celebrate you as a leader and your compassion that you always adore, DADDY. [...]

A Father is always a father

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Celebrating father’s day with my dad, I started comparing my dad with mom. A father, who works hard and make sacrifice. Yeah! Dad is a Super Hero, accompanied me in adventure trips. A well said thought that “A child needs mother the most, but needs father also”. There are many things in which I need my dad, moreover my mom. Indeed, I started loving my dad more. Rejuvenate the days [...]

12 Things Long Distance Relationship Teach You

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Distance, destiny, time, love, trust, misunderstanding all these words come up into happening when in a long distance relationship. It feels like falling all over in love each day and sometimes they tear you up. Here are 12 things that long distance relationship teach you. […]