Best Linux Distros for 2018

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A New next year is coming and it’s time to find that what the coming 365 days we doing. As we are used to do, same as Linux Distros want to give best delivery for spreading their harvest potentials. Obviously it is not right that we make a list of various operating systems and say that all these are excellent, but actually Linux is designed for task oriented purpose. For that [...]

How to Set or Change Hostname in Linux System

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As when I was new to Linux OS, I setup my computer name or hostname to “sachin-P5WE0” during installation but now I want to change it to “Don’t Dare to Open”. So, I figured it out and made others also available with the commands in this post. Read it to give your choice name or a caption to your PC. […]

How to Install a .tar.gz (or .tar.bz2) file?

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Once I downloaded a software package and then I was wondering to install that package. As when I was using Windows OS and if I wanted to install any application, I used to double-click the .exe file and next -> next -> next ->installed. In Linux, there is the only way known to me that install directly from the source. But like Windows, there is also a step-by-step method to [...]

10 Basic Linux Commands for Newbies

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Linux directors cannot live by the GUI interface alone. That is why we’ve compiled the foremost essential UNIX system commands into this convenient guide. We’ve designed this guide specifically for UNIX system managers and system directors as a reference library of solely the foremost helpful utilities. By learning the way to use many straightforward tools, command-line cowards will become the scripting commandos, obtaining the foremost out of UNIX system by capital punishment kernel and [...]