Male Chauvinist Embarrassed Women For Being Slut ?

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Getting compliment and bagging your own style, society proclaim girls as ‘Slutty’. Preoccupied with notion of slut, girls are often disrespected. The negativity associated with the confident and bold women put them categorically into slut. Havoc! If a woman is dressed up glamorously, and her body is revealed, probably you say “She is a slut, I just wish I can spend night with her”. Whereas, when men have multiple partners [...]

Just Fall in Love with Menstruation

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Menstruation can be tricky sometimes! As a matter of fact, every next girl goes from period cycle phase and shares this commonality. It is the girl power!  Periods are an embedded part of every girl’s life. Do you believe that this aunt flows ruining your life? Many of us do. Right! I know that girl’s period is crappy a lot of times: those cramps, cravings, mood swings, hormonal changes etc, [...]

Men: Just Revolutionize Your Proud Masculinity

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In patriarchal society, Men and Masculinity have observed as toxic in the ages. It is believed that masculine gender is often linked up with the world hunger, war, and everything aggressive. Aggressive is the word usually, associated with the male gender! “Hey bro, you are an aggressive person”, you often say this. Paradoxically, does someone say, “Hey Lady! Are you highly aggressive?” Not really, right? However, masculinity is often associated with [...]

We are Transgenders nor any Non-Human Beings

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Being Transgenders, society depicted them as sinners. Transsexual are in turmoil, due to lack of gender identity. They are being bothered for their association of LGBT community. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, we use slang terms for them. Transgender owe their own rights and are proud of whom they are. Just give it a thought! Many of us may don’t even know what all miseries they have been gone from. After [...]

10 ways to have Fun while doing Masturbation

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Raising the toast to the Masturbation month, we are celebrating the ending self pleasure month. Masturbation is about orgasm and organ love. There are loads of activities to gratify our sensuous needs. Whoa!!! I am going to masturbate tonight with a toy. Fortunately, you can play with your body and ding dong ding “MASTURBATE AND MASTURBATE”. […]

How I summon my rapists?

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“I AM RAPED AS I AM CRAZY AND MAD” Society taught females to be docile, weak and timid. It is a sheer believe that females invite rapists to rape them. The stereotypical society has created a framework for both sexes. One bound to overcome, the next moment she/he is punished. Well, girls are tend to wear full body clothes, no parties in night. Whereas boys are allowed to live with [...]