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I can’t hold them or let it go?

By | 2017-05-22T19:12:23+00:00 April 30th, 2017|Relationship|

“Mom, please don’t go, let daddy come” “You ditched me because of her” Life is a roller coaster and we are part of it. In our individual life, we play different roles. Perhaps, we came across some bad relationships. We think that the relationship will be for lifetime. Perhaps, life is an irony, the moment you think of something permanent, it just get collapsed. Change is the only constant thing in this world. Well, [...]

Friendship – The Root of every Relationship

By | 2017-05-22T19:33:21+00:00 April 15th, 2017|Relationship|

In the hierarchy of relationships, friendship is at the bottom. Human beings are the best creation of God. They have senses, they have moral feeling. For existence and for leading moral life they need advice and consultation. But they face sure issues that cannot be mentioned with the relatives – in no matter relation they may stand and then here will the need of an admirer, ofcourse a real friend. There’s despite that cannot be mentioned with a friend. [...]