27 04, 2017

P.S – I Love My Guy friend over my best friend

By | 2017-04-27T14:51:08+00:00 April 27th, 2017|Relationship|14 Comments

It’s absolutely fine to hangout with guys. Believe me; a guy friend is better than that bloody gossip bitches. Girls are melodramatic and jealous creatures, who can dump her best friend for her boyfriend. Just ridiculous, they are walking shopaholic and attention seeker “OMG! I want to marry that guy”. Can you just marry a guy in one looks. Well, the answer of the question is ladies can. Meanwhile, I [...]

26 04, 2017

Ohh Momma!!! You are my world

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Momma, “I love you”, “You are my best friend”. Well, mother is the most beautiful creature and gift of the God. An epitome of unending love and sacrifice. It’s pretty well clear that whatever we do for our mother, we clearly cannot repay to her unconditional giving, love and her selfless deeds. However, we can only try to give her back kind in some of the mentioned ways below which can surely [...]

23 04, 2017

Isn’t beard meant for healthier than cooler purpose?

By | 2017-04-23T19:46:10+00:00 April 23rd, 2017|Gender|18 Comments

“With Great Beards comes Great Responsibility” When anything is trending, people simply try to copy it. Beards have been fashionable across the world. Scientific studies revealed that men grow facial hairs to act as “Dominant, Masculine and Aggressive”. You can encounter all shapes and sizes of beard such as hipster beards. Perhaps, some people believe that growing beard is not an epitome of manhood. It’s just a misconception, and they [...]

21 04, 2017

How to Install a .tar.gz (or .tar.bz2) file?

By | 2017-04-25T21:04:41+00:00 April 21st, 2017|Linux|0 Comments

Once I downloaded a software package and then I was wondering to install that package. As when I was using Windows OS and if I wanted to install any application, I used to double-click the .exe file and next -> next -> next ->installed. In Linux, there is the only way known to me that install directly from the source. But like Windows, there is also a step-by-step method to [...]

19 04, 2017

Protect Your Vagina While Doing Exercise

By | 2017-04-19T14:44:09+00:00 April 19th, 2017|Gender|18 Comments

Whoa, its summer time, across the globe. The rising temperature, increase the heating. To burn the calories, we start following diet chart or do exercise. You do yoga, jogging, cycle riding or play badminton. To get some air and see your crush, you often run a mile extra. Well, it’s not bad; you are trying to look stunning, to impress him. Ok!!! Exercise is beneficial for healthy and fit body. [...]